Announcing BARD 2

BARDs are one-day mini-conferences aimed at bringing together the vibrant community of students and researchers working in number theory in the Gulf Coast region. BARDs take place two to three times a year at Louisiana State University and Tulane University (and possibly other nearby institutions in the future). The goal is to both bring high-profile speakers to the region and provide graduate students and junior faculty within the region with speaking and networking opportunities.

BARD 2 is supported by Tulane University and the Number Theory Foundation.

BARD 2 will take place at Tulane on April 18, 2023. There is also an opportunity to attend the talks remotely on Zoom.

Plenary Speakers

Kim Klinger-Logan, Kansas State University

Jesse Thorner, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Olivia Beckwith (, Tulane University

Gene Kopp (, Louisiana State University